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Health & Wellbeing Studio

Information & Requirements

Facilitator Requirements: In some industries who is qualified and what level of qualification they have is quite clear, in other lifestyle type hobby or interest style teaching environments it’s a lot more difficult. So although it can be hard to establish what sort of background experiences or education, qualifies someone to host a skillshare, a workshop, or a presentation. I urge you the host, to be honest and forthcoming about the way in which you hold space for your patrons [and thus mine]. Please ensure that adequate facilitators are present for the number of attendees; usually the ratio is between one facilitator for every ten to twelve attendees; ensure that adequate spotters and dungeon monitors are available using this ratio as a guide and please don’t hesitate to call aboard helpers who can assist you in the facilitation of others [preferably with professionally qualified persons wherever possible]. 

Duty of Care is ours to organise and so please be kind enough to communicate with me if you are having trouble finding helping hands and I’ll do my best to find you the appropriate persons. Even if this means your event may need to be planned out six months in advance or even postponed if someone falls ill for example or even if it costs extra, it’s better to have an extra layer of safety that can add a depth of quality to your events.

Insurance: It is a requirement that all event organisers, whether hosting or running skillshares, workshops, classes, presentations or social events; have their own professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance to a minimum of ten million dollars. It is also a requirement that a certificate of currency of insurance and the insurance policy itself is made available to Tender ‘n’ Raw studio at any time upon request. This ensures you understand that your attendees are your responsibility to insure and that you have done so.

Licensing: It is a requirement that all event organisers secure the necessary licences where applicable; this would include, but is not limited to penetration and sexual activity, contact sports like boxing and martial arts, and other activities where licencing is legally required. It is also a requirement that a copy of the license is made available to Tender ‘n’ Raw studio at any time upon request.

Terms & Conditions of Entry, Safety Policy & Code of Conduct:
It is a requirement that all event organisers, whether hosting or running skillshares, workshops, classes, presentations or social events; adhere to and uphold the Tender ‘n’ Raw Studio, Terms and Conditions of Entry, the Safety Policy and the Code of Conduct stipulated on the website and online. Regardless of, if hosts and other organisations have their own regulations and codes, when hiring out space at the Tender ‘n’ Raw studio, it will be the studios regulations protocols and codes that take precedence. Please take this into account when advertising your event and in your communication with your patrons and attendees.

Skill Share, Meet Up, Workshop, Presentation, Social Event: Please respect the intelligence of your patrons and attendees, by adequately taking the care required to ensure their safety first as well as their consent and compliance.
We recommend prearranging demonstration models with prior negotiated limits in front of a third party witeness or independent spotter if need be. Please provide as much detail as you possible can to your patrons and attendees at all times during your events [hand-outs or leaflets and the like] and please don’t hesitate to ask for the studio help with this, it’s what we are here for to help each other make a better world. It is also a key aspect in how to maintain and cultivate a ‘Safe Space’ which is stipulated in our Safety Policy.

Set up & Pack Down: Is your responsibility; the studio must look the same way in which you found it. This includes standard cleaning up after your event, it is not enough to just put back furniture, you must clean up after your patrons. Also set up and pack down is included on either side of your booking, so allow adequate time; and delegate a helper to assist you as staff may not be on hand to help with this

Food & Drinks: For legal purposes we are not able to prepare or cook any raw food that we intend to sell from our kitchen, however we are able to have catering delivered and served, and we are able to sell individually wrapped items such as pies, pasties, sausage rolls, chips, drinks, snacks and the like. We reserve rights to the kitchen for all events unless otherwise stipulated. If you would like us to organise your catered event for you, please get in touch for more details.

Alcohol & BYO: For legal purposes we are not able to provide or sell any alcohol. However please be advised that according to VCGLR [Victoria commission for Gaming and Liquor Regulation], no alcohol license, temporary or otherwise, needs to be obtained for ticketed events listed as BYO. Please take into consideration that the BYO aspect is a complimentary addition to any event and not the point of the event [we will not be storing numerous six packs of beer for example]

Cost of Hire: The space is very diverse and every event and booking requires its own considerations, therefore the rates will vary considerably depending on the type of booking, the frequency of bookings and the duration of each booking as well as extra services that maybe included. Also when the space is free we are happy to run gold coin donation style events i.e. a skillshare on Consent, which is accessible by everyone and quite imperative for everyone.

Extra Services: These include things like storage of equipment, projector use, catering, or assistance of extra staff to help you facilitate your event adequately, or service staff for example or dungeon monitors or wait staff. Or whether it’s just some helping hands on the day, a spotter, or even if it’s a qualified councillor you may need to help you with holding space for others, just let us know and we’ll try to do our best to supply you with the most suitable person for the job.

Parking & Transport: There is ample street parking so we ask that you do not park in the driveways of surrounding buildings. The South Morang Train Line stops at Reservoir Station and its Bus 553from the station to Henty St bus stop. Please check local timetables for scheduling the arrival and departure of your attendees.

Deposits & Refunds, Postponement & Cancellations: If a deposit was made and the event postponed, the deposit will not be refunded as the event will still take place. If an event was cancelled prior to 14 days’ notice a full refund will be made, however if it is within 14 days to the event date then there will be a $50 deduction off the deposit amount that was made. Please be advised that all bookings require email communication and confirmation with the studio to ensure that you have all the information you need, and to ensure that your experience with booking space at the studio is a positive experience for you.