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Health & Wellbeing Studio

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Other Workshop & Classes  
Will run periodically in 2018 

Circle Immersion 

Half day workshop coming soon. 

Stay tuned for details. 

Circle is sacred space that is open and welcomes all people in all stages of their life. Where people are given the opportunity to express how and where they are feeling in their bodies. 

It's safe space of resonance and understanding without anything being open for discussion; it is simply a practice in checking in and expressing ones self, however that looks like. In this circle everyone has a voice and an equal chance to share so you must confirm your attendance so we can monitor time fairly.

Earthing Yoga Class 

Half day workshop coming soon 

Stay tuned for details.

Exclusive to Tender 'n' Raw new EARTHING class. Moving away from traditional styles if yoga Earthing Class is a very gentle practice that realigns the Chakras by re-balancing the energy centres of the body and uses the breath in each movement onto callisthenic stretches to gently exercise the body, we finish with a relaxing meditation to rejuvenating the mind the body and the spirit.

*The studio has yoga mats and cushions but please feel free to bring your own, or whatever you may need to make yourself more comfortable, [water bottle, some socks and a throw rug perhaps or extra pillows]

Journal Planning   

Workshop in 2018 coming soon

Stay tuned for details

Scheduling and Journal writing is a workshop and a facilitated process of organizing ones priorities, responsibilities, events and event planing, as well as projects; intentions, plans, lists; all out on paper or feel free to bring your own laptop or tablet.