Tender 'n' Raw
Health & Wellbeing Studio

Health & Wellbeing Studio

Customer Testimonials

"I didn't feel awkward here; I felt welcome!
There weren’t that many women in the class and they weren’t perfect at all, they looked just like me, it was awesome!"

- Georgie, Age 39, Preston


"Attending the Earthing Yoga class was really calming to the body and kind of woke my sole up. I was showed how to channel into my inner voice and focus on my breathing for expression, which id never done before.."

- Emilia, Age 42, Lalor


"In my sessions with Pixie as my personal stylist I have found her to be quite helpful, organized and she possesses a fantastic attitude. As a plus size girl I find it at times quite intimidating to go shopping in large department stores. With Pixies assistance she was able to guide me and advise me what type of clothing best suited my body type and what was most flattering to me....I was astounded with the results of what the right clothing could do to your confidence and self-esteem...She certainly guided me in the right direction to confident shopping and now i don’t find it as daunting or depressing so thank you for that Pixie"

- Helen, Age 35, Reservoir

I LOVE using the space at Tender and Raw. It's a big wide open space that can be tailored to whatever you need it to be weather that is expansive sense of spaciousness or a cosy container of safety, with all the adjustable room to be as LOUD or as quiet as you need it to be. The facilities are simple, clean and effective. Whenever I am using the space I feel incredibly supported by Pixie, all my needs are met. I highly recommend using this space!

Katherine, Director, Living Gently