Tender 'n' Raw
Health & Wellbeing Studio

Health & Wellbeing Studio

Terms & Conditions Of Entry

Conditions of Entry

Our venue is 18+, unless otherwise stated at the time of event – There is no exception.
Management reserves the right to refuse entry at all times.
You consent to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Entry, Safety Policy & Code of Conduct; of the Tender ‘n’ Raw organisation by your entry into this Venue.
A pre-purchased ticket to an event held at the venue, does not guarantee entry into any venue run by Tender ‘n’ Raw Organisation.

Terms and Conditions of Entry

Tender ‘n’ Raw - HOUSE RULES - Vanilla Space with Swirls of Kink

Tender ‘n’ Raw Studio recognises its legal, ethical and moral responsibilities to our patrons. The Tender ‘n’ Raw organisation is committed to providing safe places that do not place the health and safety of any person at risk.

  • The general dress code for Tender ‘n’ Raw is Smart Casual.

  • Fire safety protocol stipulates that attendees sign in, with their first name and initial their surname, before entering the space.

  • Enclosed footwear is a must (no dirty shoes or boots, heels and hard sole strapped sandals are ok).

  • Costumes are ok if it relates to the event being held.

  • No bare feet, socks or soft soled shoes or thongs will be accepted.

  • No gang related apparel or tattoos.

  • No weapons or other illegal/prohibited items under Victorian Law (Control of Weapons Act 1990 and Control of Weapons Regulations 2011.)

  • No illegal drugs of any kind are allowed.

  • No smoking within the venue, smoking is okay outside the venue space in the dedicated zones.

  • No public nudity, unless it relates to a specific demonstration / scene / act in progress. Outside the venue, appropriate clothing is expected to be worn.

  • NO PHOTOGRAPHY by any patrons. Please refer to our Photography Policy which is available to be viewed upon request.

  • No public play outside the designated area.

  • Do not interfere with anyone else’s personal zones / play spaces / scenes. Feel free to watch, make yourself comfortable; however if you have questions and concerns please raise them with staff.

  • If you want to engage in a scene, let staff know ahead of time. As some play can appear to be non-consensual, and therefore triggering for onlookers. Please inform staff about the nature of the play and the safewords involved, so that we can facilitate all patrons during your experience.

  • Ignoring a safeword is a cause for instant ejection from the venue. Our standard safewords for those who don’t have one are: Red for stop, yellow for take it easy, and green for go.

  • No sexual activity, no penetration is allowed at the venue. This is both for hygiene and legal reasons.

The Venue Provides:

  • Yoga Mats

  • Several Couches

  • A Projector

  • Ottoman Cushions

  • Cloak /Bag Holding Area

  • Boardroom Table

  • Kitchen & Bathroom [Shower not included]

  • Sectioned Off Treatment Table

  • Assorted Class / Workshop Equipment

  • Tea/Coffee and occasional drinks and snacks available for purchase

  • Clean up Gear for equipment usage

Things to Consider:

  • Your personal hygiene: drop sheets, wet ones, swabs, towels, blankets, cleaning equipment and sharps containers; whatever you should need to assist facilitating yourselves, your partner and your kinks.

  • Communication and Protocols: please be respectful of others relationships and if you are not sure what is appropriate please direct your questions to staff; they will be able to both inform and guide you.

  • Respect the space and follow the guidelines stipulated by your hosts.

  • This venue provides only refreshments: coffee/tea, occasional soft drinks and pre-packaged snacks for sale. Please view the event information you are attending for more details.

  • Any accidental or malicious damage to the venue including breakages of products or equipment; you could be held personally liable for.

Safety Policy

The Tender ‘n’ Raw Studio is a Sacred Safe Space

The Tender ‘n’ Raw studio is focused on a variety of energetic practices by promoting the unification of the mind, body, spirit and emotional aspects of the self. In doing so, we have opened up the sacred space for others to enjoy, while maintaining the integrity and the values that helped build this sacred safe space.
These values include; honesty, integrity, courage etc…

Definition of a "Safe Space"

The Tender ‘n’ Raw Studio is dedicated to providing a safe and harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, body size, race, or religion and is a Non-Political, Non-Religious, Non Discriminatory organisation that is committed to doing good in the world and enabling our community members to make the world a better, more accepting place.

We are committed to providing a “safe space” that promotes mutual consent and respect and does not place the health and safety of any person at risk. Tender ‘n’ Raw Studio regards sexual harassment, bullying and abuse in any form as intolerable and believes that all people have the right to play and socialise in an environment which is safe, inclusive and respectful for all.

Our Code of Conduct Policy reinforces the values that the Tender ‘n’ Raw organisation places upon creating the best environment for all people connected with us. It clearly defines expected standards of behaviour for all people associated with our venue and sets out Tender n Raw Studio’s approach to addressing inappropriate behaviour.

Fire Safety Protocol

Although there is a fire escape as part of the building and all exits are clearly marked. We thought we would go one further and as part of our safety policy we have devised a fire safety protocol that assists in identifying people in case of a fire emergency. This ensures that there is a record of all people who enter the Tender ‘n’ Raw studio.

What this looks like in case of emergency is that; we know how many Marias and how many Marios are left inside the building that still need to be rescued. So the fire safety protocol is; to sign your real first name and initial your surname. No other details are required.

This list will be kept in a guestbook, with the date and event clearly marked and as mentioned above, will only require first name and initial of surname. Any other information that you may wish to volunteer such as phone number or email address, nicname perhaps, is welcome but is not a requirement.

To ensure that our fire safety policy is carried out at every event, it has been included in the Terms and Conditions of Entry and the Safety Policy & Code of Conduct; and we are incorporating it as part of a ritual practice that stipulates all studio attendees read the above mentioned posters and proceed to sign in.

Code of Conduct & Consequences

For patrons, visitors, students and attendees

As part of the Tender ‘n’ Raw team, we expect a certain level of behaviour from you to promote our ‘Safe Space’ policy; we respond and take claims of being uncomfortable and threatened seriously. A polite, professional, courteous demeanour is important to us at the studio.

Please keep the following in mind while interacting with others:

a) Respect everyone’s physical and emotional boundaries. Ask first before touching (physically touching a person Eg. Kissing, hugging; also ask before touching other people’s possessions as well.

b) Be responsible for your own actions. Be aware that your actions have an effect on others despite what your intentions may be.

c) Check in before discussing topics that might be triggering (e.g. sexual abuse, sexual experiences and physical violence). Be considerate of your behaviour if someone tells you that, you are making them uncomfortable.

d) If your behaviour has been called into question, we advise that you remain calm and avoid feeling defensive. Your intentions and character may not be under attack, it may only be the behaviour itself that is being questioned. Be open to understanding that other people’s experiences may be different to your own. If you find yourself in a difficult situation our staff are happy to help.

Patrons, visitors, students and attendees may breach this policy by:

a) Failing to follow the essence of our ‘Safe Space’ policy.
b) Harassing or bullying (including cyber bullying) any person.
c) Disclosing any information about a person who attends the venue is considered a breach of confidentiality and privacy; e.g. ‘outing’ (disclosing sensitive information about someone sexual orientation, health status, personal details that may be shared in the sacredness of the space)
d) Making a complaint that the patron knows to be untrue, malicious or unjustified.
e) Responding to a complaint by another; the person intentionally omits relevant information or refuses to co-operate with the investigation of the complaint.
f) Failing to disclose information that is contrary to our safe space policy. Management asks that you contact us prior to attending the venue, so we can confidentially and professionally consider all the circumstances. This process may entail asking personal questions, asking for a reference or referees regarding your subsequent positive behaviour patterns.

Conflict Resolution

Reporting Complaints:
If you feel the venue space is unsafe or oppressive, we encourage you to address the situation directly with staff, immediately!
Any attendee who wishes to make an informal or formal complaint, or enquire regarding a possible breach of values or conduct, we advise that you speak with head management immediately, either in person or in writing. The matter will be attended to promptly depending upon the nature of the complaint; sometimes a quick word over a misunderstanding is all that’s necessary and sometimes a complaint investigation may be necessary.

Complaint Investigation Procedure & Consequences of Behaviour:
Our complaint investigation can be as easy as a couple of questions and some explaining or a much longer process. We will endeavour to be professional, private and as unobtrusive as possible in handling complaints. Our “Complaint Investigation Procedure & Consequences of Behaviour Policy” is available to be viewed on request.

Relevant Considerations:
The form of investigation and the discipline to be imposed will depend on factors including, but not limited to:
(a) Nature and seriousness of the breach;
(b) Level of contrition;
(c) If there have been relevant prior warnings or disciplinary action;
(d) Any other mitigating circumstances that may be relevant.

Venue Imposed Bans

The Tender ‘n’ Raw Management reserve the right to refuse entry at any time and also reserve the right to automatically ban any persons who impose a risk to our patrons and staff. We aim to promote a safe harbour to all who participate in our venue as it is a sacred space.

Our focus is providing a space for all people to feel safe and welcome to express who they are in all the ways that they are. Communication is imperative to us and we are excited about providing our community with a place where everybody attending can experience joy and inclusivity.